Friday, April 01, 2011

Series: Selling My Domain Part 2

This is my first post about what I did today to sell my domain, I have no idea if this will work at all, but it's an interesting challenge. So here's what I did today:

  • Made the graphic that you see above, to be the blog header over at FashionMista. This way, when a person is on the blog, they can't miss it, right? No matter what page they are on. I was going to put something like this in the right side column, but thought that this was good enough. I'm not going to blog over there anymore, so when you click on the top banner to take you to the home page, you'll always go to the page about the sale.
  • Changed the blog title tag to " is FOR SALE". This edit is effective in all search engine results, so when someone is googling "fashionmista" to see what's out there for that term, they will see this sentance right away. My blog pretty much dominates this term for pages and pages. So I wanted to bring the potential buyer to my message right away: in the blue underlined sentance of the title in search results for SEO.
  • Emailed my fellow members at Collective-E, several of whome are in fashion and may know someone.
  • Updated my Facebook personal profile with the news and a link to the blog post.
  • At Collective-E, changed my company profile for this blog to have the new "for sale" blog header, and description about the decision. Press and fashion types frequent Collective-E, so they might see it.
  • Also at Collective-E, added the domain sale to The Marketplace. Collective-E will tweet it for me, and maybe share it on Facebook if it works with their editorial.
One of these days, I'm going to have to comb the Media Contact Lists at Collective-E, and pitch some editors. Not my forte or comfort zone. Luckily, my busines partner at Collective-E is Sabina Ptacin of Red Branch PR, so she can hold my hand. ;)

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