Friday, April 01, 2011

Series: Selling a Domain Part 1

Today I put a domain I own up for sale. The domain is, and it was the domain for the first blog that I every created. The blog itself with all of its content is not for sale, just this domain name. And it's not really *just* this domain name. It means that I have to start all over with that blog and that brand, and reinvent its purpose.

I will be chronicallying the experience, which may lead to nothing. It may lead to me being wrong about this term, that has come to mean "male fashionista". To me, it's an opportunity for someone to own a very basic domain name for a website they are building or have built around this topic. Usually those are hard to come by.

I've been approached before, but didn't take it seriously because I wasn't emotionally ready to let go. Today, however, I am. The word is a very good fit for its new meaning, and I'm ready to let the male fashionistas have it!

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