Thursday, August 11, 2005

Tags Make Your Blog Go Round

A fellow blogess needs to make links in her blog. She's having trouble understanding the concept of wrapping words with 'html tags' to make them do something, like format themselves. So, right now we're going to focus on the basics and learn about html tags. Once you get this concept, linking will come easy.

HTML Tags are your friends when making something online. You 'wrap' tags around words you want to be bold, or format in any way. Try it with me. Bold a word. To bold, you use the b tag. To italicize, you use the i tag. The arrows have to be around the tags. You have a opening tag, and a closing tag, with your the word in the middle you'd like to be formatted. A word that is bolded has those tags in back and front of it. Like this: < b >bolded< /b >. They have < b > on the left, and < /b > on the right (the < /b > closes the 'wrap' - anything with a / closes the tag). If you follow so far, make somthing bold in a comment or one of your posts, and we can move on. :)

To really see lots of html tags you can use, see this cheat sheet from Webmonkey. This may help.

You can do this!!

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