Friday, August 12, 2005

Super Easy RSS Feeds for your Favorite Blogs

What are RSS feeds? Really Simple Syndication. They let you view headlines as they are posted on newspaper websites, and you can do it for your blog as well. There are online programs out there to keep track of this for you, like Bloglines. But there also another way that has great benefit...

Do you have a personalized Yahoo or Google page yet? These let you view the latest headlines from your favorite blogs in an at-a-glance style. The added benefit to adding an RSS feed to your Google or Yahoo personal page is that you can add your own blog as a source of fresh content you'd like to track. Once you do that, it forces Yahoo and Google to link to that new post. When that happens, Yahoo and Google have spidered you sooner than they would have.

This is the theory, at least, of this Brad guy at SEO Elite. I'm trying it out, but nevertheless, if you are RSS wary, and don't 'get' how to tell a program to track headlines from a certain source for you, this is a very simple way to do it. For Yahoo and Google, you just go to the "Add Content" button on both (in Google, go one step further to "Add a Section"), and add the site feed of your blog, or anyone elses. That ends in .xml and can usually be found by clicking on an orange button with the letters "XML" or "RSS" in it. Hunt around, you'll find it. Or, if you're using a browser like the latest Safari browser, you can click on the blue RSS button in the right hand corner of the address bar and get the site feed address up in the address bar. Copy and past it into the site feed text box on Google or Yahoo.

When you're done, you can return to your Google or Yahoo personal page and see the latest headings and blog posts!

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Ellie said...

Hi, your blog has been very helpful! But, you wouldn't happen to know how to add an RSS Feed that you've already made, (like a podcast RSS feed, for instance) to your own profile page?
Hope you can help!