Saturday, July 19, 2008

Great SEO Example of Well Optimized Blog Post for High Ranking in Google

This blog post, a review on Ultimate Van Lines has been written so well, that one week after the author wrote it, she moved from #10 in Google to #2 (well, #2, but #1 is getting two search results as of this post) for the company's name,"ultimate van lines". And this is without any links pointing to it (remember, links are super important in SEO)! And what is #1? The moving company's website. Keep in mind, that the Skimbaco blog is an already established blog, so it has search engine strength behind it. But how did Skimbaco increase her rankings with just her wits and the time spent writing the post?

1. She included the keyword "Ultimate Van Lines" in her post title.

2. She included "Ultimate Van Lines" in her second paragraph, and linked it to their home page.
a. She could have kicked off the article with a linked "Ultimate Van Lines" in order to get these important keywords closer to the beginning of the article, but she didn't. Her intro was more important, which is fine.

b. This particular review is negative. The moving van never showed, and then got canceled in the system because the rep they were working with was accused by higher authority as having quoted them too low. So Ultimate Van Lines just canceled the order with no warning. Skimbaco later discovered that Ultimate Van Lines has a bad habit of stealing people's household belongings and holding them hostage for money, so it's for the best the order got canceled. That said, normally you would not want to link to the company's home page, since that is a form of Link Love. However, Google just wants to know that you are covering every angle of what you're posting about, so Google will consider this link helpful. Therefore, it is good to include it in this type of review.

3. She has repeated "Ultimate Van Lines" many times in the article, but not in an annoying, keyword stuffed way. She has written it in a useful way.

4. She has included links to other websites and reviews for Ultimate Van Lines. It might help her to move these links up higher in the post, but she's doing just fine for now. If her rankings drop for this term, this could be an option.

Can she get even more traffic from this post? Yes. She wrote a review, and people often tack on "review" to whatever they are searching for. This was how I doubled traffic for my series of laser hair removal from American Laser Center. I worked in "review" into the hotspots of the highest ranking post in that series.

To get more traffic, she can insert "review" into her blog title (remember the SEO value of the blog title). Skimbaco is currently ranking 4th in Google for "ultimate van lines review", getting beat by a usual heavy hitter, but if she keeps this up, she could outrank it! Not to mention if more websites link to this post. Like mine has done. :)


kathy said...

Wow! Good info That It Girl! I really appreciate it since I just started my first blog ever last week!
More! More!

Mista said...

Congrats on starting your blog, Kathy! I can't wait to read it! List it here! List it here! Chime back in in comments...