Friday, June 13, 2008

Are You Neglecting Your Blog for Twitter or Facebook?

I mean really!?! is sorely neglected, all because I seem to spend extra energy in Twitter or Facebook. The Tweets just don't stop coming - be it the desire to create a Tweet or to read them. What will we do? The blog is so much more powerful, right? Long term links, photos, design, Comments with more links, and more conversations that just stay preserved in the Comment box.

Over at the Home Office Collectives group in Facebook, Carla of the blog pointed out that she too has been neglecting her blog for Twitter, saying: "I am LOVING the point that I've been neglecting my blog...I suppose I'll eventually add a widget to my blog so my readers know that I'm still online ;-)"

So this is what it's come to. Widgets. A friend passed me a link once, to a video. Once again, I've sadly misplaced this link, but the guy, who you social techies out there probably know of, was discussing the then new technology to search for feelings on the web. Somehow, I think, this website conjured up lots of words from websites, and put them into one, live space. At the end of the video, he announced that the web page is dead. Not his web page, but the "web page", as in the form.

However, I still have my shopping cart, I still have this blog, people still visit it, link to it, link from it, Retweet it, etc. I still manage pages of other websites and track their traffic patterns. But I need to spend a little more time here, I believe.

Thoughts? Please chime in! ThatITGirl as a blog (not me as a person), is lonely with the neglect of its author! And - don't get her started. She sees more mobile Flickr photo uploads that she knows what to do with.


Jackie Nees said...

I think along with everything else, it's coming down to scheduling. Have we really gotten so busy that we have to schedule enjoyable social time using applications like Twitter and Facebook? It's sad but true. Twitter and FB are extremely addicting and can quickly take precident over the important stuff so maybe using them for taking a break in between blog posts and other work is an option or setting aside 2-3 specific times in the day where you tweet and catch up on social networking. I think they are extremely important tools and a lot of fun, however the more information that gets thrown at us daily, the more we need to start finding ways to process it and prioritize it quickly and efficiently.

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