Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tweetworking (Twitter Networking) and Can Be Good for Business

"Twitter twitter, twitter, twitter twitter."
2:31 PM May 07, 2008 from web

That was my first entry into my account, @ktjames. When I logged in for the first time, I was met with a wall of words, individual conversations between people who referred to themselves with @ in the beginning of their names. Was I, a social networking addict, overwhelmed? Yes! I had been resisting Twitter, despite friends asking to become Twitter friends, because I knew it was such a ... busy place. So I became a fly on the wall, studied everyone's 140 character mini-mini-conversations, and started to converse with them slowly, until I realized that no one was talking back, and I was all alone. It prompted my next entry of brutal honesty:

"Feeling like I have no Twitter friends...talking to no one...can anyone hear me??"
12:53 PM May 09, 2008 from web

Feeling like an avatar lost at sea, I bobbed in an ocean of silence in my home office, waiting, then moved onto other projects. Suddenly, a little email landed in my gmail. It was a private, "DM" (aka Direct Message) from a Twitter friend who I didn't realize was "following" me (aka keeps tabs on all of my tweets). She said that sometimes no one replies, and that it can be lonely. Quite a humble statement from a woman who has plenty of followers herself, and has a big Twitter Star with over 800 followers visiting her, in person, with kids and husband. We are watching/reading the whole road trip on Twitter as the Twitter Star drives with her family and sends Twitters mobile updates from her cell phone.

Then I got another response:
ManicTrout @ktjames I hear ya! DeAnnaCochran @ktjames I hear ya. Sendin the luv your way :)

Is this Twitter a waste of time? It really is IMing on hyperspeed and can rob a lot of your time. Can it help your business? Well, if you look at it from the networking perspective, you are networking with people in other ways than job fairs or trade shows or meetup events. You are networking through your computer in condensed forms, which makes you be direct, to the point, a little witty, and a little honest. Women are very active in social networks, as these demographics from RapLeaf show. In an interview for Ladies Who Launch, Patricia Handschiegel, founder of (which she sold to, may have said it best: "The best thing women can do is network. Women entrepreneurs are different. There’s a loyalty between us … an honest bond."

Since then, I have seen my Twitter friends promote each other in wonderful and unexpected ways. They:
  • Publicly welcome each other (goal: get more Twitter followers)
  • Tinyurl each other, which condenses a long link into a very short link (goal: get traffic to website)
  • Visit each other in person (goal: friendship)
  • Share quick dinner ideas (goal: eating good food and providing for family)
  • Identify with each other over kids or admin requirements (goal: feeling normal)

So should you do it for your business? Sure. How to do it for your business is a whole other article that would talk about finesse and genuine interest in others. It requires creativity in how and what you express to your online friends.

But for now, this business owner is hooked. When did I know I was hooked? When I twittered this:

"Goodnight Twitter! Have a good Midnight Maintenance!"


Katja of said...

You are the sweetest gal at Twitterverse, I have to say that :) Well, DeAnna is pretty sweet too.

It is crazy, overwhelming and sometimes lonely, sometimes way too busy meeting place. The longer time goes by, the more friends you find, the more fun it gets.

Sending you lots of love,
Katja @skimbaco

PS. I just blogged this:

Melanie Joy Vertalino said...

I read your blog through Facebook and the Blog Squad's Class. Your topic interested me and you seemed to be doing something interesting. I definitely learned more about Twitter from this post and it's purpose. I am on Twitter too, but rarely use it. Your post makes me want to use it more. I really like your writing style which is upbeat, witty and interesting. You really seem to know your stuff! Please check out my blog posted on the class page. I'm a virgin blogger, so go easy on me. My area is dating and relationships. If you can sign me up for your blog my email is Keep up the great work!

Mista said...

You Twitter Ladies are wonderful! I have goose bumps! I didn't log into Twitter this morning on purpose so that I could stay focused and knock out a chunk of hourly work for a website, but that notion just went out the window! Thanks to you both for the comments. I'll put up an email subscribe in a minute so that you can easily get email updates with little twists. Talk soon!

Mista said...

And, let's see if I can link up your blog post, Katja @skimbaco:

Moxie said...

Hey Katie,

This is a great intro to Twitter. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Carla Lynne Hall

twitter: @carlalynnehall

paysonjewelry said...

Yeah Twitter!!
I started last weekend and just love it! I'm slowly building those that I'm following but I love the tiny little peeks into people's lives, what they're doing, what they're observing, what they're enjoying. It's wonderful!

twitter: pasyonjewelry