Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hurray! iPhones Can Multi-Text or Group Text

iphone multi group textYou can imagine my shock when I went from multi-texting from my regular Nokia phone and later my Nokia PDA, to not be able to text to more than one person from the genius iPhone. Shocked and awed. So socked and awed that I could not recommend the iPhone with the enthusiasm that I wanted. Now, however, my iPhone can multi-text. It drank an update when I synched it, and I can group text! Sigh of relief.

Why would you want to multi-text or text to a group? To tell 2 people who you are meeting with in 15 minutes that the address has changed. Or to wish everyone happy new year at once. Or to ask your bridal party for their measurements all at once.

Here is an article at MacNewsWorld on speculation on the new iPhone. AT&T may sell it at $199? *whistle*. I bought it at $600, and now have the $99 unlimited talk plan (with $20 additional for data ie web and email), and am apparently locked in. As of 5/8/08, the plan is still being offered. Here are Apple's price plans for the iPhone. Apple features a $119 unlimited talk and data plan. This is really AT&T's plan that I have:

$99 unlimited talk + $20 unlimited data = $119 (plus taxes for your area)

You can buy the iPhone at Amazon, and activate via iTunes!


Anonymous said...

Kind of old news.
The AT&T plan is $119.99 (which includes the $20 for data), not $199.

Mista said...

Thanks for the correction. Dyslexic slip.

After verifying with AT&T, the link in this post that we are discussing is to Technically, one can only get a plan through AT&T. The plan that is on this link you and I are referring to is a spin on the $99 unlimited talk plan through AT&T. It combines the $99 unlimited talk + $20 unlimited data. Texts are not unlimited, and 200 come with this plan.