Thursday, April 03, 2008

Vertical Response is My Favorite Email Marketing Newsletter Tool

It's true. I can't get enough of Vertical Response. I read their blog and am even a member of their Facebook Group. Every time I go in to make a newsletter for a client, I think: "Sigh. Thank goodness for Vertical Response."

I've been through some pretty tough times with e-newsletter programs including custom built email tools and Constant Contact (ugh), and Vertical Response is just the cleanest, most helpful, easy to use environment I have used to date.

Here's why I like them:
  • Newsletter Stats: Their stats for tracking how your newsletter did are amazing. Not only are they comprehensive, but they tell me what words worked, and what didn't. Like, did people respond to a graphic of "Donate online" or did they click the words that said "Give online today" (it was the latter). Now I can make better newsletters for the next time for all of my clients.
  • Friendly Code Environment: I'm not a programmer...I'm a designer who can code into a website page to do nice-looking things. For clients who don't want to pay to have Vertical Response program a custom template that I've designed, I just set up the design, which I try to make as simple as possible with two columns, and make the edits. Tables, fonts, links, floating images, it's all fine.
  • Easy Sign Up Box: Another simple and cheap solution to getting an email sign up form on your website. If you want it integrated onto a special page, like a Contact Us page, you might need to involve a programmer, but getting a basic box with your website colors is do-able for a normal person. You can pay a programmer and a designer (both available through me at Katie James Pixelated), but the quick and dirty is not that dirty.
  • Blog: Do check out their blog for enewsletter tips. Here's a post about how to not write a subject line, for example.

Check them out for your email newsletter!

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