Friday, November 09, 2007

Robert Bernocco Types His Novel Via Text and He's Self Published

Author Robert Bernocco, an IT guy in Italy, couldn't find the time to type his novel. So he texted it to himself while on his commute to work. The book is 384 pages, published by Here's's press release on his being the first writer to text his novel and how he did it. Says Bernocco: "It was really a time management issue." He wrote the book in 17 weeks. OMG.

The book is appropriately titled: Compagni di Viaggo (translates into Fellow Travelers). And he typed it on a Nokia! A Nokia 6630 phone, using the phone’s T9 typing system. I love Nokia.

How was he commuting? I've created a website template while on the subway. I risk taking out my PowerBook G4 and putting it on my lap while trying to look tough so that no one tries to rob me. Couldn't he have a laptop? Maybe he's a straphanger and has to stand the whole time. Regardless, amazing.

For the record, I first spotted a blurb on this in the daily AMNY paper while walking my dog (which you can also read online here). And for those curious about self-publishing, seems like for self publishing might be a tool to consider. I'd put a link on how to buy his book, but I sadly cannot find one! Not even on Maybe I have to be in Italy.

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