Friday, September 21, 2007

Apple Won't Fix or Take Back Hacked Phones

Just found this article from ZD Net via DIGG about a guy's friend who expected Apple to service his hacked iPhone. Apple wouldn't do it, and blacklisted his phone from future fixes, and refused to fix it. Um, duh? That's like: "Hi Mr. Store, I took apart your product and sprinkled some of my own stuff into it. Cool, huh? Got around your contract thing. So anyway, it's doing some weird thing that I need you to fix. Okay?"

He put a 3rd party application into it that opened the phone up to be used on TMobile, an accomplishment that happened rather quickly after its release. A lot of people want the iPhone opened up, like Free the iPhone.

My opinion? I wouldn't fix it if I were Apple. It's their product. They make the rules. Deal with it or invent something else. And don't invent something else to manipulate the existing product.

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