Thursday, May 17, 2007

How to Share Word Documents in Google

If you are editing a Word or Excel document with someone else, and if you have a bazillion versions of it saved into various folders on your computer, and if this is driving you nuts, you are a candidate for Google's shared docuement tool. All you need is an Internet hook up, a gmail account, and you're in!

Here's how you do it once you have a gmail account:

Go to

Login with your username and password.

Once in your account, look to the top Left.

Click on Documents

You may need to activate this feature. Just say Yes to everything.

If you want to upload a new document, above the main blue bar, there is a text link for Upload. Click it.

Hit Browse and find the document you want to share.

Click Upload File when you’ve selected it.

Once you are at the main screen, you’ll see your document. Select it by clicking on the little box to the left, and look in the middle column. You should see a link for Share Now. Click it.

On the next screen, make sure “as collaborators” is is selected and enter the email (gmail) address of folks you want to share with. Gmail accounts are the only ones who can get access to these documents. And unless you share them like this with people you invite, they are private.

Your collaborator should get an email to their gmail account that you’ve shared a document with them. When your invitees click on Documents from their gmail account, it should be there.

1,2,3 go!

Give it a try and let Comment below if you have any questions!

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