Friday, September 30, 2005

Internet Advertising

You know what I think is very interesting? I've never read about how .coms do their advertising, but I was on Fandango today, and saw that the banner add was targeted to NYC with Mayor Bloomberg advertising for himself. When I searched for movies in 44022, still the same add. Now I went to Netscape to check my stocks (oh, sweet google. Bought it at $97 and now it's $313. But I only have 2 shares) and saw a ny ad for that as well.

These banner ads must be targeted to IP addresses, which is totally cool and smart. Maybe you all know this already. Also, with web advertising, it's brilliant in so many ways, but one ways is that thanks to cookies, companies can get much more accurate numbers for their audiences (city, state, country, unique vs returning visitor, etc.), versus television, where the Nielson audience is 10,000 and the programmers get to speculate based on what those 10,000 viewers are watching. And to watch, they have to click a button to say that they are still there. Television advertising is in the stone age. Poor programers and TV ad execs.

I'm in love with the internet.

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